Masters in the
Art of pool making

Since 1966, we continue to be leaders, creating swimming pools for a clientele that aspires to possess the best in class quality, a hassle free experience and a long term cost effective solution for swimming pools. To exceed customer expectations, we provide them with the best Laps of Luxury, in an oasis in their backyard.
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JMD pools

Customer satisfaction which is induced via innovation, engineering preowess, simplicity, and endless customisations in terms of shapes and options

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A typical example of a JMD pools pool that includes a pipe-free filtration mechanism and our Proprietary Active Permanent Casing structure

  • Reduced running cost in the long run
  • Change of water only once in 5 years, post the same we only need to use an outsourced pump to remove water
  • No additional space of a plant room required
  • A pipe less filtration mechanism comes with 5 years warranty. Unlike WHY JMD POOLSs, JMD Pools require no underground pipework and digging
  • No back-washing or wasted water – easy to remove filter bags & clean technology


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An example of a traditional swimming pool setup with a plant room and sand filter system.

  • Plant room required next to the pool for the balancing tank and pump, occupying a deck area of at least 5 x 5 feet
  • Extensive pipe-work (inlet, outlet and lot of other pipes connecting the swimming pool to the plant room leading to immense ground work and digging)
  • Back wash (process of thoroughly cleaning a swimming pool's filter) is a must & regular phenomenon to maintain the pool
  • High electric consumption with a 2hp pump
  • Sand filter system with 55 to 60 microns (Non potable water)

Legacy in
the art of pool construction.


The children whose dad built the first swimming pool have been joined by the whole family to continue making the JMD pools Brand even better. Over the last 5 years, 50 million euros have been invested to bring you even more happiness.

Over 1,400 swimming pools installed in India.

Launch of the "Mobipool" floating pool, a world’s first.

Integration of a new manufacturing process: an extrusion workshop.

Integration of liner manufacturing.

A new grinding plant with a capacity of 9000 T/year is set up; integration of production techniques and processes on the site. 13,930 pools per year on average !

Achieves over 300 sale touchpoints across 70 countries !

The new logo exhibits the last name only, for ease of pronunciation by the international audience. Recycling of HDPE balls in the structure.

First pool brand to be showcased on television.

Listing on the second market of the Paris Stock Exchange. Plastic recycling begins.

Investment in a new production site, marking the transition from craftsmanship to industrialisation. JMD pools makes their pools commercially viable for its audience, attributed to the reduction in price. Pools are now being supplied at the increased rate of 4456 pools per year.

Introduction to foreign markets, starting with deployment in Spain.

Developed a network of exclusive dealers, owing to a unique concept that encouraged business

Creation of a pipeless filtration system, a revolutionary product at the time.

The first patent for " lost casing " is filed, 4 years after acquiring the idea. The composition of this active permanent casing has changed over time.

After testing several methods for building swimming pools, Jean JMD pools invents a new casing system and establishes the ‘Forez Piscines’ Company to develop this new concept. He is joined by his first dealer, Patrice Payre in Clermont Ferrand. By now, JMD pools is building 120 swimming pools per year.

The JMD pools Bâtiment company is founded, operating in the building trade, tiling and swimming pool construction.

Jean JMD pools, then a masonry contractor, builds his first pool for his children for a holiday experience at home

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise remains second to none across the country.
We have touched the hearts of many
by delivering the best swimming pools
compared to the competition.

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