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Technology where you don’t have to compromise with space and Quality

JMD Pools has developed a pool system using European technology with Special features as mentioned below

  • 1. No Pump Room required
  • 2. No Balancing Tank required
  • 3. No more tiles cracking / chipping
  • 4. No more Leakage problem
  • 5. Any shape and Any size
  • 6. Quick installation
  • 7. Soft touch and anti-slip
  • 8. Structure using Permanent Shuttering
  • 9. High efficiency filtration up to 6 microns
  • 10. Low maintenance
  • 11. Eco friendly 
  • 12. 10 Yrs warranty

    What is the procedure required to make a JMD Pool?

  • We take turnkey project, i.e. we are completely responsible for the installation and commissioning of the swimming pool (right from excavation till water filling) and no other agency is involved in this work.

  • Can existing pools be remodeled into Jmd Pools?

  • whatever the brand or type of your pool is, If your old pool is showing its age and filtration need updating, look no further than JMD Pools Renovation Program. Our world class filtration system can be installed in any pool. we will fit a new filtration unit that starts with zero piping and complete with pump and LED lighting then fit a new liner instead of old tiles or mosaics which stands warranty of 10 years

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